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Introducing the LEXIE B besace Crazy Lou paris, the perfect combination of style and functionality for those with a busy lifestyle. This besace sac features a bandoulière in corde et noeuds marins, allowing for comfortable and hands-free carrying. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for both travel and everyday use, while its sport chic aesthetic adds a touch of style to any outfit. Whether you're running errands or jet-setting to your next destination, the LEXIE B besace Crazy Lou paris is the perfect accessory to keep up with your trépidant lifestyle.


-polyester façon denim chambrey

-bandoulière corde réglable avec protège épaule 

-doublure polyester

-fermeture zippée double curseurs

-poche intérieure plaquée et une zippée

-poche extérieure plaquée avant et une dos zippée


LEXIE B besace Crazy Lou paris

30,00 €Prix